četrtek, 24. oktober 2013

Stop vivisection

STOP VIVISECTION gives citizens the opportunity to say NO to animal experimentation and urge the European Union to take into consideration a different scientific approach, geared to protect human beings and animals' rights.

Thanks to Citizens' Initiative, European citizens - with 1 million signatures - can take part in legislative decision making process of the European Union.

You can read more about this and sign here: www.stopvivisection.eu

From today, we only have 7 days..but the status today is: 991.852 / 1.000.000 (99,18 %)People are definitely against testing on animals. So lets make a change :)

If you still havent`t sign, please do so NOW. :)

Here are some photographs of collection of signatures from great activists in Slovenia - thanks to Vegan Iniciative: